Feedback on Agricultour – 2016


My son Kanish B has gained lot of knowledge, he has got the chance of watching different animals directly, and he enjoyed the trip by spending time with friends and teachers. Thank You

 Happy Parent : Bhaskar M

My daughter Hiranmayi K liked travelling in bus, enjoyed feeding the animals,  garden play and pottery making. Overall she enjoyed a lot. Thanks for organizing the trip.

Happy Parnet:  Kiran Kumar N

My son Mohammad Fawad had a good time spending at the trip. He enjoyed feeding animals and tree house. He also loved nature walk in the farm. The organic milk and cookies provided were tasty and yummy. I thank and appreciate all teachers, caretakers for co-operating with kids. I thank the management for organizing the Agricultour.

Happy Parent: Parveen 

My Child Inchara was very happy as she enjoyed the agricultour with friends and teachers.  She liked the food and organic milk provided. She enjoyed the time spent with animals, and journey by bus. Thank you to all.

Happy Parent:  M R Girish 

It was  a nice experience for the  students to get memorable while seeing it live and  request you to arrange the  field trip every month which is near to school . Thank you.

Happy Parent : Raghavendra. N

Akshara liked the farm house,she was impressed a lot . She was talking about the animals and plants etc, she loved it a lot. Thanks for the teachers.

Happy parent: Ravi.M.R

Thanks for giving an opportunity for the kid  to explore himself  with nature ,animals and birds .Post trips .We found that Vaibhav  is very interested towards puppies and small birds .He always talks about the duck which he touched with his friends. Thanks once again.

Happy parent: Somashekar

It was a very good experience  and Galvin was happy and it was very informative too.

Happy parent: Girish Kumar