Regular teacher training programs are conducted to keep our teachers updated with the latest trends in the various techniques of imparting effective education and child management. We encourage parent – teacher interaction at regular intervals according to schedule and in many interactive events and celebrations that take place frequently at the school throughout the year. Students who are weak in studies are identified from each class and remedial classes are conducted accordingly by the subject teachers. No child can be successful without the support of parents and teachers. A happy home environment facilitates better learning abilities in the child. We teachers and parents owe our children the gift of a happy childhood!.

Let’s work to achieve that goal together !


Kinder Garden Team

Sl. No. Name Qualification Image
1. Mrs. Sahitya Tadimety MTT 1
2. Jayashree.V.P B.A, NTT 2
3. Mrs.Meena.S NTT 4
4. Mrs.Prathiba NTT 6
5. Mrs. Vidya.S.Bhat  BBM , NTT 17
6. Mrs. Rukmini.V NTT 7
7. Mrs. Sheela MTT 8
8. Mrs. Jayasheela MA, NTT 9
9. Mrs. Rashmi Joshi B.com , NTT 10
10. Mrs. Sowmya Rani NTT 11
11.  Mrs. Meena.B Diploma, NTT 15

Primary Facilitators

Sl. No. Name Qualification Image
1. Mrs. Sheena Jyothi TCH p2
2. Mrs. Sridavi Vallavan MA, B.Ed p3
3. Mrs. Ameena Sara B.sc, B.Ed p4
4. Mrs. Prathiba MA, B.Ed p5
5. Mrs. Aradhana Srivastava MA, B.Ed p10
6. Mrs. Tulsi Manju BA, B.Ed p11
7. Lakshmi B.A , D.N.T.T,D.Ed p11
8. Rajeshwari.S.V Diploma in MTT p11
9. Priyanka Verma B.A in Hindi p11
10. Sunitha B.A , B.Ed p11
11. Sowmya Vinayaka Yaji B.E , B.Ed p11
12. Kanthi devi B.Com , B.ed p11
13. Prathima B.A, MTT p11
14. Saritha IT Diploma, B.Ed in Hindi p11
15. Indira Ravi Kumar BE in Computer Science p11
16. Savitha Gopi M.Sc, B.Ed in Mathematics and Science p11
17. P.K. Sreejith Physical, Yoga, Swimming Instructor, Ground Training Instructor in Air force p11

Activities Team

Sl. No. Name Qualification Subject Image
1. Drashti B.A Music & Visharada pact3
2. Supriya M.S, B.B.A, Western Dance Style from Illusion cube Dance Studio pact3
3. Mohammed Malkar Taekwondo Marshal Arts Instructor pact3