A wonderful blend of traditional and modern learning methods : A unique combination of the Montessori techniques with the new technological requirements of the 21st century is included in the preprimary schooling. We recognize children as little people, who have distinctive personalities as early as even at 1 year of age, and we create a conducive environment which brings out their highest potential –
  • Intellectual
  • Physical
  • Emotional
  • Cognitive.
Theme based curriculum teaches the child all the basic skills of the Foundation Years that are needed for success in the primary school years. We proceed at the pace of the learning ability of the child, and do not push or pressurize the child at any point. Learning of English, Maths, Science and Art is incorporated with these themes to make the topics more interesting for the children. Music, dance, art, drama, story- telling is introduced early on in the curriculum as it helps them to develop appreciation for the arts in the future.