Integrated curriculum encompasses the best of Montessori and Kindergarten.
  Silver Spring International Pre-School encourages learning based on activity. It stimulates creativity and critical thinking skills.Silver Spring International Pre-School believes in child centric learning understanding and respecting children individually. As it is an important principal of early childhood education. Play is happy learning experience. Through play they can learn in a self motivated, relaxing and effective manner.  
The National Curriculum defines the content of most of what is taught in our school and consists of different subjects. These are English, Hindi, Maths, General Awareness and introduction of Kannada, Art & Craft, Music, Dance & Physical education Physical activity is vitally important to a child’s well being.
Silver Spring International Pre-School have carefully planned personal, social, health and emotional education in curriculum which will teach the children about general health, personal safety and road safety. Children are also encouraged to think of the needs of others and to treat others as they would be treated.